Navigating Nutrition

Weight Loss Surgery is an excellent tool to help you limit the amount of food you eat and help you lose weight. For most people weight loss surgery requires a significant change in diet and lifestyle to safely and healthfully reach your goals. As this process can be a bit overwhelming, we have created several resources to help address all of your nutrition concerns before, during, and after surgery. Click above to see frequently asked questions, nutrition guidelines, recipes, or visit the Bariatric Advantage E-Store.

Between the initial evaluation for weight loss surgery and surgery day, we want you to take the time to become as prepared as possible for the lifestyle modifications and health behaviors that we know equate to a safe and successful long term weight loss.

We recommend that you begin adapting your current diet pattern and health behaviors when you begin your journey towards weight loss surgery to prepare for the changes you will need to implement after your procedure.

Nutrition education and support is an integral part of the surgery process. Adequate protein intake, proper hydration, and vitamin supplementation are a big part of your journey to becoming a healthy and successful bariatric patient. Because this information may seem a bit overwhelming, we have included, as part of our team, nutrition experts well versed in the needs of bariatric patients.


At any point in your journey you feel a nutrition appointment would benefit you, we encourage you to take advantage of our experts. Appointments can be made by calling our office at 919-234-4468. Quick nutrition questions can also be answered via our patient portal messaging system.

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