It’s Time to Change Your Life

If you find yourself curious about what weight loss surgery is all about and unsure if it might be a good fit for you or someone you know, we invite you to discover more about our programs and procedure options. Many people are surprised to learn that bariatric surgery is considered safer than a gallbladder removal or that long term data shows that weight loss surgery patients can expect to lose up to 90% of their excess weight.*

At WakeMed Bariatric Specialists of NC, we specialize in providing weight loss solutions. For those looking to find a healthier life, without excess weight and the associated conditions that accompany it, our team is prepared to help. From the several procedures we offer to our tailored non-surgical medical weight management programs, our practice offers the very best in safe, effective, long term solutions for regaining your health and becoming part of your life again.

We know that excess weight is not a cosmetic flaw to be dealt with for just aesthetic purposes. Obesity is a disease that deserves careful and effective treatment. Excess weight can not only hold you back from experiences and enjoying your life, it has also been proven a risk factor for several forms of cancer, heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea, stroke, type II diabetes, and reflux disease, among other conditions.

Your weight doesn’t define you and there are options available if you find that your past efforts in battling your weight on your own haven’t lead you to success, or the weight came back when the diet was over, and maybe even more than you had lost. Our team can help you better understand why your body struggles to lose the excess weight and how to truly change your life.

Take Your First Step

When you’re ready to take the first step towards a healthier life, we are here to help guide you there. The first step in a surgical journey is to complete our information session either online or attend an in person event. Both options are free and no obligation to you. We will collect your information to verify that your insurance policy contains a bariatric benefit. If you do not have coverage or wish to proceed without using insurance, we will talk you through all of your self pay options should you be interested in learning more.

Could Bariatrics be a Good Fit for You?

Our patients at WakeMed Bariatric Specialists of NC vary a lot in terms of their backgrounds, professions, and needs. But, they almost all come to us with a common goal: losing weight to improve their life. Our comprehensive programs offer the tools you need to lose the weight, and the support you need to keep it off long term. Whether a procedure or medical weight management seems like a better fit, we are here to help you achieve your goals and improve your health.

  Meet a Typical Bariatric Patient
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