Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

Why is a Center of Excellence Bariatric Practice Important?

This designation provides the public with the assurance that our practice provides complete care for patients undergoing weight loss surgery and we have a proven track record verified by an independent review organization.

Why Should Patients Want a Center of Excellence For Their Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence were developed by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery as a guide to assist the public in choosing an experienced surgeon and hospital program after they recognized some surgeons where performing weight loss operations with little training or educational support for the patients and many hospitals lacked the equipment and personnel to take care of severely obese patients. Complications were higher and patients lacked the support to get their best weight loss in these locations.

If patients desire optimal care for bariatric surgery, choosing a “Center of Excellence” provides a guide to an experienced surgeon with a complete and comprehensive educational program. This provides access to nutritionists, psychologists, trained nurses, radiologists and anesthesia personnel that are important for your recovery and success.

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