Bariatric Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) recommends that all weight loss surgery patients take a bariatric formulated multivitamin daily.

Remember: All supplements and medications must be chewable or liquid until 30 days post-op.  

B-Complex (Start the day you return home from surgery)

A chewable or liquid form B-complex vitamin is recommended for the first month after surgery, but is optional thereafter.

If not purchased through the Envision Nutricenter, please ensure your B-Complex contains at least 12 mg of thiamin (vitamin B1).

Multivitamin (Start 4 weeks after surgery when you begin soft foods)

We recommend a bariatric formulated multivitamin that contains iron. The multivitamin should be taken without food for increased absorption.

Approved Multivitamins for Sleeve Gastrectomy

Approved Multivitamins for Gastric Bypass

Approved Multivitamins for Duodenal Switch

Calcium (Start 4 weeks after surgery when you begin soft foods)

Calcium should be chewable. Take at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after the multivitamin and iron.  Calcium supplements should be spaced throughout the day for increased absorption.

Elemental Iron

Additional iron may be recommended for menstruating women and patients who have a history of iron deficiency anemia.  Consult your registered dietitian or bariatric surgeon for more information.

Please speak with your surgeon about returning to other pre-operative supplements following surgery.  If you have questions or concerns regarding vitamin and mineral supplementation, please speak with one of our registered dietitians or your bariatric surgeon.

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