Gastric Band Revision

There are two main reasons a revision may be appropriate after a gastric band like the LAP-BAND® System. The first is a post operative complication. Second is inaequate weight loss after your initial procedure or weight regain beyond a nominal amount.

Correcting Complications

For gastric banding patients, complications include conditions like band slipping and band erosion, among others. The most common solution is to surgically remove the band system.

Reigniting Weight Loss

With it’s ability to adjust, a simple band fill in office may be the necessary step to increase the restriction achieved. However, not everyone achieves lasting weight loss success with a gastric band. Every patient responds to surgery differently, and every surgery is different.

Initially, when a patient experiences weight regain, we investigate to identify if any behaviors can be modified to restart weight loss. In some circumstances, patient education offered at the time of surgery regarding required behavioral changes has changed with new information or recommendations. In some cases, many years have passed and lessons learned at the beginning of the weight loss surgery journey may have been forgotten. When behavior modifications fail to achieve the desired result, we explore revisional options.

For some patients, band removal is the only goal. For others who wish to further their weight loss journey, a band removal can be completed in conjunction with a second bariatric procedure. Due to the surgical simplicity of the band and unaltered anatomy, band patients seeking a revisional procedure typically have many options. Depending on your goals, health circumstances, history, and anatomy, you may be able to choose between having a sleeve gastrectomy, single anastomosis duodenal switch, or gastric bypass. Once the band has been removed, these procedures are done much as they would be if done as the primary procedure. You and your chosen surgeon will discuss your options in the office during your revision consultation.

Pursuing a Secondary Procedure

Some insurance policies include revisional options while some do not. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the details of your policy. We do offer self pay pricing for all revisional procedures.

To be considered for a secondary bariatric surgery, our doctors will require a copy of your operative note from your first bariatric surgery to properly evaluate your anatomy and options moving forward.

Self-Pay Pricing for Revisions to Gastric Banding

Pricing is subject to change dependent on, but not limited to, medical conditions and body mass index. Patients may not qualify due to medical conditions, and patients are also subject to BMI criteria. Please call our office if you have any questions.

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