August 13, 2015

Another weight loss balloon approved by the FDA

ORBERA-logoThe intra-gastric balloon is an exciting and new advancement in non invasive, supervised weight loss. With The Orbera Managed Weight Loss System being approved last month, many of our patients will have questions about the effectiveness of the procedure. To start, we hope to give you some key information about the system as you consider your weight loss options.

  1. The intra-gastric balloon is not placed surgically and does not require permanent alteration of the digestive system. The whole procedure takes only 20-30 minutes and is performed endoscopically (via the mouth). General anesthesia is not needed – only mild sedation
  2. The balloon will not offer the same degree of weight loss as a surgical procedure, however the risks and recovery time is much reduced
  3. The balloon is approved for 6 months, at which time it will be removed. However, your managed diet and exercise program will continue for an additional 6 months
  4. The procedure may be particularly suitable for those with a relatively lower BMI (30-40) that need to lose between 20 and 75 lbs. Patients, on average, maintain over 3x the weight loss versus diet and exercise alone
  5. Orbera has been in use around the word for more than 20 years with over 200,000 balloons placed
  6. As with any weight loss program, patients must follow a lifestyle change consisting of a new diet and exercise regimen

Ultimately, as with any weight loss program, this procedure may be very effective for certain patients.

The makers of Orbera have shared a few of their success stories: Click here to read about them

To learn more about the intra-gastric balloon and who is a candidate for the procedure, please visit our Intra-gastric Balloon Information Page or the Intra-gastric Weight Loss Balloon Q & A on our website.

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