December 24, 2014

Managing The Temptations Of Holiday Eating

Holidays are an exciting time for many of us who look forward to celebrating with family and friends. However, for someone suffering from obesity or patients who have undergone bariatric surgery, the holidays represent an exceptional challenge – trying to avoid overeating despite all of the temptations that may be may be presented to us. There are however, several techniques that can help those of us struggling with our weight with the ultimate goal being to make the holiday season more enjoyable.

First of all, attitude is one of the most important preparations for the holiday season. We know that we will be presented with all kinds of delicious food, desserts and drinks. Taking the right attitude going into the holiday celebration is one of the most important ways to combat overeating. While it may be tempting to swear off any foods that may not be part of our strict diet, that’s not necessarily the best course of action to take. There may be lots of people at the celebration that do not know about your struggles with weight. They may offer you more food or ask why you’re “eating like a bird”. This, of course, makes it far more difficult to maintain a strict diet. So, rather than not eating any of the food presented to you, take just take a few bites of a variety of foods so that you can experience the holidays without depriving yourself.

It is also important to reduce or eliminate any stresses that you may be feeling before you get into your holiday celebrations. This means not taking on any major or difficult projects right before the holidays. It also means taking a close look at what may be stressing you out and spending the time to sort through it before using food as a crutch. Continue your exercise program and possibly even adding stress-busting activities like yoga or Pilates for added stress relief.

Finally, of course, you do not want to go into your holiday celebration hungry. It may be tempting not to eat breakfast, so that when you do over-eat at lunch or dinner, your overall caloric intake and will still be relatively low. However, not eating all of your meals is a recipe for disaster. Instead, eat well-portioned meals that are high in protein, low in carbs, refined sugars and saturated fat. These will allow you to stay full for longer during the day and may be even allow you to arrive at your celebration wanting to eat less.

This holiday season we hope you are able to surround yourself with those you love to enjoy a relaxing time. Surrounding yourself with supportive people in a supportive environment will allow you to breeze through this holiday season with minimal anxiety and fantastic results. We look forward to seeing you break into 2015 on a high note!

2018, WakeMed