August 25, 2014

Cooking Tips to Reduce Sodium

Reducing Sodium Doesn’t Have to Mean a Boring Diet!

Contrary to popular belief, a low sodium diet does not have to be bland & boring!  The secret to a flavorful, delicious diet is not to just take the salt shaker away…but to replace the salt with other flavors.  Change your salt habits gradually.  Let your taste buds adjust over time.  Soon, you will find your old choices will seem way too salty!

Ideas For Reducing your Sodium Intake

  1. Tasting your food before picking up the salt shaker.
  2. Omitting salt or reducing the amount used in most recipes.
  3. If you MUST use canned foods, rinse well with cold water before using.
  4. Do not add salt to cooking water.
  5. Take the salt shaker off the table or use a pepper shaker instead for salt (smaller holes).
  6. Use spice blends, pepper, or salt-free herb blends to season your food.
  7. Choose low sodium or homemade unsalted soups instead of bouillon, canned, or dehydrated soups.  If the recipe calls specifically for bouillon, use a low sodium variety.
  8.  Limit soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, and steak sauces.  Instead, try hot sauces and citrus to flavor dishes.
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