July 21, 2014

Recipe Modification…Don’t Deny, Modify!!

Don’t deny yourself some of your favorite foods…instead, modify recipes to make them healthier!!

Most of us prepare the same 10-12 recipes 80% of the time.  Since we eat these foods so often, they can have a big impact on our health.  Many recipes can be modified to make them better for us. Evaluate your favorite recipes and see if they can be modified to decrease the amount of fat, salt, or sugar.  You can also modify to increase the fiber and overall nutritional quality of a dish.

First, check the ingredients to determine which ones can be modified.

See if you can:

  • Omit an ingredient
  • Decrease the amount of an ingredient
  • Substitute a more healthy ingredient

Then see if you can modify your cooking process such as oven baking instead of frying. With a little patience and some practice, you could soon be enjoying some old favorites in a new healthier way!!


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