May 10, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery

Many bariatric surgery patients opt to undergo cosmetic surgery after their procedure and subsequent weight loss. Depending on the patient’s age, genetics and rate of weight loss, the most common reason for cosmetic surgery is excess skin. Excess skin occurs when the skin loses its elasticity due to weight gain and resultant stretching. As the patient loses weight however, the skin does not return it its former tension and begins to hang. This is most common in the abdominal area, under the arms, at the thighs and around the neck. These are the primary targets for most weight related cosmetic procedures.

While some people consider excess skin to be a trophy of how far they have come in their weight loss journey, others wish to remove it for aesthetic reasons. No matter what the reason, cosmetic surgery is still a major procedure and should be treated as such – spend the time researching the procedures and interviewing surgeons.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure after weight loss surgery, it is important to wait until your weight has stabilized and you are comfortable with your new lifestyle. Weight fluctuations after a cosmetic procedure can reverse its aesthetic benefits. We suggest waiting at least one year post-bariatric surgery to begin considering any kind of cosmetic work.

Note that cosmetic procedures are rarely covered by medical insurance, as they are usually elective. As a result, patients should fully understand the costs of cosmetic surgery and speak to our office to receive guidance and a referral, if needed.

To learn more about cosmetic surgery, we invite you to attend our May 22nd Raleigh Support Group at which Dr. Coan of CARE Plastic Surgery will be discussing cosmetic procedures for those that have lost a significant amount of weight.

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