April 23, 2014

Journaling Diet and Exercise

Journaling before and after weight loss surgery is an important part of the patient’s ultimate weight loss success. Keeping both a diet and exercise journal has many benefits – to the patient themselves and the medical practice too. Patients who keep a comprehensive journal tend to lose more weight and keep it off for longer than those who don’t.

For the patient, journaling is very important in tracking daily nutritional intake as well as ensuring that they meet minimum excise requirements. It is difficult, if not impossible, to remember everything we’ve eaten throughout the day and that is where journaling comes in so handy. Knowing what we’ve consumed and what exercises we’ve performed allows us to effectively regulate the rest of our day, week and month.

Journaling is also important for a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. There are inevitably trying times during the weight loss process and having a journal that documents how far patient has come can be very motivational. Having food journal showing how a patient has lost a significant amount of weight or has been able to endure ever greater activity, for example, can be exactly what they need to pull themselves out of a rut.

For the surgical practice, a food and exercise journal can be very telling when it comes time for a follow-up appointment or questions to nutritionist or dietitian. Further, there will be times where a patient’s weight begins to plateau or the patient even begins to regain a few pounds. This can be very scary proposition for patients who are used to significant weight loss week in and week out. When that patient comes to our office with a food and exercise journal, we can scrutinize it to help us develop an appropriate plan for restarting the weight loss process.

Please consider journaling both before and after surgery because the comparison can be very useful, both for you and our practice as we evaluate you over the long term. Your journal does not have to be complex – it can be written on graph paper or you can use one of the many web or smartphone applications created just for that purpose.

Please let us know if you have any questions about journaling.

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