March 16, 2014

Shop The Walls at The Grocery Store

Most people, even those who have not undergone bariatric surgery, can learn from the lifestyle changes that weight loss surgery patients have to undergo. One of the most important and ongoing activities that must be reexamined is our behavior in the grocery store. A trip to the grocery store may be overwhelming for those who need to stick to a strict diet. After all, choices are plentiful and it’s not always obvious what’s healthy and what’s not. A few simple tips may help make those decisions easier and may even help save money in the process.

  1. Shop on a full stomach. Shopping after a meal can help you limit the impulse buying caused by hunger or cravings. Not only might you make better food choices, but you may also save some money by not throwing those extras into the cart.
  2. Create a shopping list when you’re feeling upbeat and stick to it. Making your list when you are confident about your weight loss progress can help you limit your food choices to that will help you stick to your prescribed diet and new way of eating. Emotional shopping and eating can add hundreds of unnecessary calories to your diet.
  3. Shop the walls! Most grocery stores have their healthiest food shelved along the outer walls of the store. Avoiding processed and junk foods that tend to be in the center of the store can save you calories and money. Plus, home-cooking your meals can be relaxing and far tastier.

Grocery shopping does not have to be daunting and with a little preparation you can maximize your weight loss potential and save money. You may also consider shopping with another bariatric surgery patient to help keep one another on track. No matter what you do, stick to your prescribed post-bariatric diet as it has been formulated for your success.

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